-About Amadora-

About Amadora

Our aim is to inculcate in you the ideal skills and ethics or manners of driving in Japan. We guide you through registration training and see to your successful graduation. Additionally, we have special care or preference to women. We have equipped spacious blight lady’s room or powder room, non-smoking study environment and make available. Female instructors and staff. There are to facilitate healthy and friendly training environment.



Features of “Amadora”


Hospitalization and politeness instructors

We get reviews of graduation questionnaire from students, we always get good marks about our instructors and staff.



Friendly environment to female student

We are friendly to women, to offer Women instructors, Women-only room and Women-only fitting room. Also we have a free nursery for small child.


Night time instruction until 21:20

On weekdays, we have instruction until 21:20 will attend after school or work.



24 hours online reservation

You can make reservation from PC or your devices for 24 hours.

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