-Regular Vehicle MT/AT-

Regular Vehicle MT/AT

The first driving license would be Regular Vehicle license. If you have it, your scope of activities will expand shopping, are made easy. This license permits one to drive cars or mini-bikes of 10 seating is capacity (but less than 3t loading capacity) and the gross vehicle weight less than 5t in Regular vehicle license. Once you get MT license, you can drive both AT and MT vehicle. However to have AT license is limited to drive AT vehicle only. If you want to change into MT from AT, please do not hesitate to inquiry to us.

[please note]
The size of regular vehicle license can drive largely becomes small by revision of the Road Traffic Act on Sunday, 12th March 2017. Even if you take instruction before the law revision and if not issued license, you can drive only under vehicle gross weight 3.5t and under load capacity 2t. So I recommend to enter our school before law revision.


Entrance qualification

Age Over 18 years old(can be admitted 1 month before your 18th birthday)
Eyesight Both eyes 0.7 or more, each eyes 0.3 or more. It is the same if you wear glasses.(contact us if you are less than 0.3 for each)
color vision Identify the signal color green, yellow and red.
hearing *By law amendment you can get license, even if you have hearing-impaired. Please visit the Metropolitan Police Department website to get more information.
(but there is Japanese only)
http://www.npa.go.jp/koutsuu/menkyo20/leafret2.pdf (PDF)(2.3MB)

Entrance day

Every Wednesday 17:30-20:20
Every Sunday 9:20-12:10

Course of Duration

Course Period
Intensive The shortest 17 days to about 1 month
Part-time About 1 and a half months
Weekend About 3 months
Standard About 1 and a half months to 9 months

Instruction Car

【マニュアル車】マツダ アクセラ

[Manual car] Mazda Axela

[Automatic car] Toyota Axio

[Automatic car] Honda Grace

[Automatic car] Mazda Atenza for expressway training

【オートマチック車】三菱 アウトランダー
[Automatic car] Mitsubishi Outlander

【オートマチック車】ホンダ ステップワゴン
[Automatic car] Honda Step WGN

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