-Open campus-

open campus

It’s important to choose driving school about instruction fee and school atmosphere. So we recommend you to take free trial of Amadora. We guide you through the school facilities tours how to take class and experience the environment. Free to contact us for more information.

Free shuttle bus service

Guide you through the access to the school.
Also you can use the time of your application.

  • Access to the school is here.
  • Guidance of the free shuttle bus is here.

Open campus application

Please visit us with your friends and family. It is available to make reservation by call. Let us check the vacancy first, we are able to welcome you to join open campus on the day if there is available.

[Toll-free] 0120-489-196 or 06-6481-8682
[Phone reception time] weekdays 9:10 to 21:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 9:10 to 17:00)

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フリーダイヤル 0120-489-196


  • お問い合わせ
  • 入校仮申し込み
  • オープンキャンパス