-About procedure-

1. Certificate of Residence

Certificate of Residence showing your legal domicile, issued within 3 months.

2. Driving license

If you have any license, please show us.

3. If you have a first aid training qualifications, please show us to exempt first aid training

○ doctor, dentist, nurse, associate nurse
○ EMTs
○ Fire Service Law Enforcement Ordinance No. 44, paragraph 1 of the emergency services
○ Other

4. personal identification documents of the presentation

○ health insurance card
○ Basic Resident Register card
○ passport
○ photo application of the student ID card and employee ID cards, etc.

5. Hanko, Inkan, name stamp

If you don’t have it please tell us.

6. glasses

If you need.


Passport ID photo 3 pictures (3cm x 2.4cm) and other 3 pictures for leaner’s permit, graduation certificate and application. ※ You can take picture in our school.

8. Entrance fee

If you need to pay.

9. Filled entrance sheet

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