-how to get license-

how to get license

Step for getting Regular Vehicle license. (No license or moped)

In driving class, we lecture how to move the vehicle and basic driving skills. In lecture class, we lecture driver’s knowledge, traffic laws and the basic knowledge of safety drivings.
・lecture / 10hours ・driving / MT 15hours AT 12hours

You can take first driving exam here and written exam. (50 questions)

Start to drive at outside.
There is express way driving.
・lecture / 16hours ・driving / MT 19hours AT 19hours

Graduate from Amadora!
If you have graduation certificate proficiency you will exempt from driving exam in all prefecture. Graduation certificate is valid for 1 year. So let’s go to Public Safety Commission as possible as fast you can.

You need to take aptitude test and written exam (95 questions). The score should be over 90% to pass the test.

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